Royal Western Nova Scotia Yacht Club & Marina 2018


The AGM minutes have been sent out to all members.

This will be the last update from this humble source. Thanks - it's been a great 20+ years doing the race designs, and the website for 15. All things must past, or appropriately passed on.

Enjoy the boating season!


Historical Images:
Original 1980 race schedule





Your Executive


Executive - 2018:

Commodore: Keith Amirault
Vice Commodore: Bruce Moore
Rear Commodore: Jason Denton
Treasurer: Mike Nichols
Secretary: Justin Oliver
Fleet Captain:

Social: Sharyn Hiscock
Membership: vacant
Communications: Sarah Haliburton
House and Grounds: Mark Hyson
Foreshore: Ali Tavanaee
Marina: Harold Dugas
Sailing/Racing: vacant